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3 Tips to Help You Shop for COVID-19 Test Kits

Having COVID-19 test kits in stock for your employees is more important now than ever. Whether you’re operating a hospital or another medical service, making sure your staff is protected and getting regularly tested can help save lives. Here are a few tips to help you shop effectively for COVID-19 test kits for sale.

Decide What Type of COVID-19 Test Kit You Want

There are plenty of test kits to choose from when you need to make a purchase to protect your staff and the customers they work with. Ultimately, it comes down to how quickly you want your test results and whether you’re in a position to send them out to a lab for processing. The two most popular types of test kits on the market are rapid tests and collection tests. With a rapid coronavirus test kit, you’ll see results in a few minutes after performing the test. A collection test, on the other hand, requires you to collect samples on-site and then send them to a lab for processing. If you’re in a position to send your results to a lab, then that may be the most effective option for your staff COVID 19 test kits.

Seek Out the Most Accurate Results

As we mentioned earlier, collection test kits are typically the better option if you have immediate access to a lab or other medical testing facility. Why? Collection tests are typically more accurate than rapid tests. Taking samples and sending them to a lab ensures that they’ll be tested rigorously and with a level of precision that a simple rapid test kit might not be able to provide. If you want absolute peace of mind that your employees and customers are safe, then a collection test is likely the way to go.

Look for EUA or FDA-Approved COVID-19 Test Kits

When you’re trying to decide which type of COVID test kit to purchase, make sure you’re taking FDA status into account. While many COVID test kits have been approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), it doesn’t mean they’re officially FDA-approved. That said, make sure you’re looking for an EUA label if you can’t find an FDA-approved label on your testing kit. Kits that haven’t been approved under EUA may not be accurate. When the median incubation period is five days, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most accurate, safest test possible.

Investing in COVID testing kits for your business is a smart move, especially for keeping your staff healthy and safe. If you have questions about selecting a COVID test kit for your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.