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Covid-19 Risk

Know your risk for developing medical complications associated with a COVID-19 infection

The new COVID-19 Risk panel is a genetic test that determines your risk for developing medical complications associated with a COVID-19 infection. The test is based in whole exome sequencing (WES) to analyze 154 genes related to medical complications related to COVID-19 infections.

DNA Test for COVID-19 Risk

Scientific progress allowed the identification of genetic factors related to severe forms of COVID‐19, the study of which may help the physician to adapt the clinical management of the patient in the event of COVID‐19.

These factors are generally related to other pathologies that the patient presents but may not have fully developed and increase the risk of complications if the individual presents a SARS‐CoV‐2 infection. These findings may indicate potential medical complications, allowing the specialist to anticipate patient management to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with COVID‐19.

COVID-19 Risk is indicated for adults over 18 years of age who wants if there are genetic factors that the specialist should consider in order to adapt their medical management in case of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Why is it important?

If you have a pathogenic variant in the genes included in the panel your risk of medical complications associated with COVID-19 infection increases. This test allows the physician to anticipate patient management to reduce the morbidity and mortality in the event of COVID-19.

What is included in the test?

A complete report that provides your results of the interpretation of the 153 analyzed in the COVID-19 Risk study. The genes analyzed are related to different clinical conditions:

Conditions associated with an increased susceptibility to medications commonly used in managing COVID‐19 and respiratory failure.

Conditions that cause reversible metabolic or thrombotic crises that are often induced by severe illnesses such as COVID‐19.

Conditions that cause reversible cardiopulmonary complications that can be exacerbated during severe illnesses such as COVID‐19.

Immune system disorders related to the production of type I Interferon (IFN) that may increase the risk of severe pneumonia in case of COVID‐19.

Why choose COVID-19 Risk analysis?

The COVID-19 Risk test allows to know the risk of presenting medical complications in case of SARS-CoV-2 infection in order to anticipate the medical management according to the results and to personalize the treatment.

Genetic Counseling

We offer genetic counseling for physician and patient through our team of medical geneticists.


The test allows the specialist to adapt medical management in advance to avoid medical complications that can aggravate COVID-19 infection.

Other Tests

Whole exome sequencing allows other tests to be performed without the need to take a new sample.

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This product is available only for international markets, not in the US.