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How Sanitizer Spray is Changing the Game

One of the realizations the pandemic has brought to light is how important sanitation is for everyone. Hand sanitizers have become regular items people encounter in their normal surroundings, and one of the items people remember to have with them before leaving their home. Now, a new sanitizer is entering the market. Sanitizer sprays are pushing hygiene and sanitation to the next level. Here is how this new product is making an impact.

​Continuous, All Day Protection
The normal sanitizer found in stores does not last long, and it does not provide as much protection as what people may think. A person apply it when walking into a store, but will then reapply it not long after. By reapplying throughout the day, a person is wasting money on a product that does not work to its full potential. Spray sanitizers differ from the normal sanitizers because its protective formula works a minimum of ten hours and lasts up to 24 hours. All it takes is a spray on someone’s hands, and they are given all day protection. The spray’s formula fights against 99.9% of common illness-causing pathogens; while regular sanitizer cannot reach as high of a statistic.

Designed for Every Setting
​Spray sanitizer does not only come in travel size because the spray is designed for every setting and surface. The travel version is commonly used for hands and being on the go. Larger quantities can be used to sanitize the air and surfaces. A school can obtain spray sanitizers in bulk, and place one in every classroom for teachers to use. Sprays are easier to use in gyms to disinfecting workout equipment. Hospitals, the most important example, have a simpler and faster way of ensuring their patients are protected by using a spray. From a person’s home to local businesses, sanitizer sprays work in every setting.