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Medical Supplies & Equipment

When it comes to medical supplies and equipment, the products that we have to offer just keep getting better. We can respect that that’s important to you. When the time comes that you need the right medical equipment and supplies, everything has to be in the right place and readily available.

We are honored to be a part of helping to meet your medical needs whether you’re a supplier or working hands-on in a medical facility. We offer the latest in surgical masks, disposable garments and surgical gowns.

Surgical Masks

Our latest surgical masks offer everything you’ve come to expect in a great mask. They include filters for exhaled and inhaled air, protecting you and the patient from illness and infection. Our masks also repel fluids so that they don’t leak through to your skin or nasal cavities. We offer a variety of different masks to suit your needs from traditional tie-on masks to complex ones that involve hoods and more.

Disposable Garments

The reality is that being in the medical field can be a messy job. There are also plenty of hazards associated with it such as blood-borne pathogens. Our disposable garments help to keep you and your patients safe in the toughest of conditions. They also make cleanup after garments are soiled much easier. We offer plenty of disposable options to suit each and every need that you may have.

Surgical Gowns

Our surgical gowns are commonly worn by healthcare professionals and their patients. They help to protect both parties from illness and are designed to be comfortable. They also make it easier to administer vaccines, perform surgical procedures and to check vitals. We are certain that you’ll be impressed with the color options and styles available.

Regardless of your medical supply and equipment needs, we are committed to giving you the very best in supplies and service. We look forward to assisting you again the near future.