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Laparotomy sponges

The Sky Medical Sterile Laparotomy Sponges are made in cotton, pre-washed, with a radiopaque thread, they have a blue ribbon placed in one of its corners in order to easily remove them, and prevent them from being forgotten during the closing of the wound in the surgical procedure.

Sky Medical Sponges are medical devices of transient use designed to absorb blood and fluids, apply pressure or traction, protect tissues and separate structures. They adapt very easily and allow preventing the potential contamination of the wound.

Description & Use

The Sky Medical Sterile Laparotomy Sponges come in a box of 200 (two hundred) units measuring 18 inches by 18 inches of four folds, 100 % cotton, highly absorbent soft texture, sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO) in PGM for sterilization.

These types of medical sponges are mainly used for surgical procedures, containment of bleeding, clinical cleanliness in general, protection of wounds. Thanks to their high absorption capacity, it is possible to keep the surgical area clean. Likewise, the sponges are used to apply disinfectants, drugs/and or antiseptics and for the washing and drying of hands.


Prior to the use of the medical sponges, it is necessary to remove rings, watches and bracelets since they could affect the quality of the material by getting tangled with the fabric and engage the tissue. Use protective gloves on clean and dry hands to avoid direct contact with body fluids and liquids. Once opened the package of the product, use the sponges in the shortest possible time to prevent contamination. In the event the material is contaminated with radioactive waste it must be placed in suitable containers for waste of this type labeled with the symbol of radioactive hazard. Do not reuse the product.


For added performance, the sponges must remain in good storage conditions. The storage location should be cool and dry. It is important to avoid direct sunshine and high temperatures. Loading and unloading can affect the quality of the product if it is handled violently. A maximum temperature of 32Cº and a maximum humidity of 70% is recommended.

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