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What Medical Equipment Is Used to Help COVID-19 Patients?

As the medical world continues to recover from the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, new advancements in medical technology are making it easier for patients to combat the virus. Everything from N-95 masks for patients who have tested positive to disposable garments helps prevent the virus’s spread in a hospital or medical facility and gives patients a better chance of recovery. Learn about more medical equipment your staff can use to help COVID-19 patients in 2023 below.

Ultra-Violet Light Cleaning Technology

One of the best ways to sanitize equipment, clothing, and more in your facility is with the use of UVC lamps. These lamps utilize the power of UVC radiation to kill bacteria and many common diseases within hospitals. UVC radiation has also been proven to kill the proteins surrounding the SARS-Coronavirus. Research is still underway about the effectiveness of UVC radiation on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, though it is believed to be somewhat effective in inactivating this strain of the virus as well.

Disposable Garments

Another way to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus to additional patients within your facility is by stocking up on disposable garments for patients who test positive for the virus. Although using reusable gowns, caps, slippers, and other garments for patients can help save your facility money in the long run, it is more sanitary for COVID-19 patients to be given disposable options that can be destroyed after a single use.

Protection for Patients Undergoing Surgery with COVID-19

As with any surgery, using sterilized equipment and disposable garments on patients who have COVID-19 while undergoing surgery is vital to protecting the patient, staff, and others. Most surgical sponges used in operating rooms are disposable and range from a small pad for minor incisions to full towels reaching almost one square foot in size. All of these items should be properly disposed of after each use and never washed, especially when operating on a patient with COVID-19.

As always, ensuring your staff has the best equipment and sanitizing methods available when treating patients with COVID-19 will help slow the spread of the virus throughout your facility. Continue to stay vigilant with regular hand washing as well as disposable clothing and equipment for patients with the Coronavirus. Contact Sky Medical today to learn more.

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