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What’s the Best Face Mask to Wear to Protect Yourself From COVID-19

The medical device industry has grown significantly since the onset of the COVID pandemic. According to, some of the major products manufactured include surgical and medical instruments like surgical clamps, stethoscopes, and syringes. These account for about 40% of industry revenue. The industry also manufactures surgical appliances and supplies like hospital furniture, surgical dressings, and orthopedic devices (also about 40%).

Recently, the industry has also started producing different types of face masks that you can wear to protect yourself from COVID-19. It’s crucial to figure out which mask offers the most effective protection. Here are some of the best masks to wear for protection against COVID.

Medical masks

Medical masks or surgical masks are loose-fitting disposable masks. These masks are quite effective when it comes to protecting the wearer from contact with droplets that may contain germs. The medical mask also filters out large particles in the air when you are breathing. To get more protection from the medical mask, you should consider knotting the ear loops where they attach to the mask. You can then fold and tuck the excess material under the edges. One of the most significant advantages of medical masks is that they don’t increase the level of carbon dioxide that you breathe.

KN95 Masks

These are respirator-type masks that meet certain international standards. KN95 masks offer more protection than regular surgical masks. This is because they filter out both large and tiny particles when you are inhaling. These masks have been tested and shown to be effective at protecting the wearer against inhaling germs. As such, KN95 masks are quite effective at slowing the spread of COVID, including the Omicron variant. This is because of their multiple layers and tighter fit.

N95 Mask

N95 masks are respirator-type masks that meet U.S. quality standards. These masks offer the highest level of protection against COVID-19. Non-surgical N95s can be used by the general public. The surgical N95 masks have a very tight fit and should only be used by trained and fit health care providers. Like the regular surgical masks, N95 masks are disposable. Some N95 masks have valves that make it easier to breathe without carbon dioxide accumulation.

These are some of the most effective face masks. While cloth masks are generally regarded as not so protective, there are some that are made of multiple layers of tightly-woven fabric. These can also stop droplets from going through your mask.

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