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Why COVID-19 Testing Matters

Everyone in the world has been impacted in some way by COVID-19, which is also known as Coronavirus. You may have contracted the illness yourself or had a friend or loved one who got sick. Others have felt the economic punch from the pandemic, potentially being furloughed or losing their job entirely as businesses closed and made layoffs. Even lucky people, who have managed to keep their job and stay healthy, have had to make adjustments to their lifestyle and in many cases quarantine from other people. It hasn’t been easy, and everyone is doing their part to help get things under control so that life can return to normal by doing things like wearing a face mask, disposable garments, and other personal protective equipment.

Part of getting things under control is making sure that those who are sick and carrying the virus isolate themselves so that they don’t spread it to other people around them. This can be difficult, as it takes between two and fourteen days for someone who was exposed to COVID-19 to start showing symptoms of the virus. In some cases, people never show symptoms at all and are what is referred to as asymptomatic. This has been one of the biggest challenges as those who don’t realize they are carrying the virus may go grocery shopping and spread it to an employee. That employee may then go two weeks interacting with customers and spreading the virus to the store’s customers, who then continue the cycle.

That’s why there has been so much emphasis on testing, and the need to have enough Coronavirus test kits for everyone who needs them. By testing and catching the virus early, it can limit the chance of the disease spreading. However, when looking at Coronavirus test kits for sale, it’s important not to confuse them with a COVID-19 antibody test kit.

Coronavirus Test Kits

A Coronavirus test kit, also known as a COVID-19 test kit, is the test that tells you whether or not you are currently sick with COVID-19. It is commonly administered by swabbing the nostril, which is the CDC recommended testing method. This test is the one that is key to making sure that as few people who are carrying the virus as possible don’t know that they have the virus. It lets those sick with the virus know so they can isolate and contact trace whoever might have been exposed to the virus so that those people who could have potentially been exposed to the virus can get tested too.

COVID-19 Antibody Kit

The COVID-19 antibody test doesn’t show if someone currently has COVID-19, it shows if they have ever had it. This is important for several reasons. For one, blood donated from someone who has antibodies from Coronavirus can be useful in the development of things like a vaccine. Furthermore, as this is a new virus, there is a lot of research that needs to be done to fully understand and fight it. These tests give scientists more information on the virus, and more opportunities to study it. Clearly, a COVID-19 antibody test kit for sale is vital to combat the virus. These kits generally don’t require equipment not included within the kit themselves and are highly sensitive and accurate.

Testing has become one of the most important parts of the battle that medical professionals, and society as a whole, is fighting against Coronavirus. From when the pandemic first began, when Coronavirus test kits were in short supply, to know there have been major advancements in the field of testing. So, it’s important to make sure that Coronavirus test kits are available to the general public, and it is incredibly important for the general public to get tested and not ignore symptoms or close contact. This, coupled with a society willing to make sacrifices in the short term, will help everyone get through the pandemic as well as possible in the long term.