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KN95 Masks: How Effective Are They?

As cases of the COVID-19 virus continue to rise in the U.S., hospitals and medical facilities are feeling the pressure. To keep their staff and patients safe, hospital managers are now ramping up medical supplies such as COVID-19 test kits and kn95 masks. Surgical face masks are especially important for doctors and other frontline health workers as they protect them from catching the virus from a COVID-19 patient. That is why hospital executives are buying kn95 masks wholesale to beef up their medical supplies and remain prepared to handle the surging infections of the COVID-19 virus.

Why Buy KN95 Masks Wholesale?

Healthcare workers are in close contact with patients, and this increases the risk of infection. When a COVID-19 patient sneezes or coughs, they might release droplets that contain the virus. If your doctors and nurses are not protected with a face mask, they will get infected too. That is why you must ensure that you have enough supplies of kn95 masks for your medical personnel to keep them safe. You do not want a situation where your staff gets infected and are unable to attend to your patients who are your main customers. Therefore, getting kn95 masks wholesale will keep your health facility well-equipped to handle any number of patients without increasing the spread of the virus.

How Efficient Are KN95 Masks?

K95 masks are respirator masks designed to capture 95% of airborne particles. When the kn95 mask is well-fitted to cover the mouth and the nose fully, there is no risk of catching the virus from a coughing or sneezing patient. That is why the demand for the masks is high, and the government is now advising healthcare facilities to reserve the kn95 masks for their frontline health workers. Since nobody has an idea of when we’ll have medical protection and treatment for the COVID-19 virus, you should make sure that your hospital has enough face masks by buying kn95 masks wholesale. The safety of your patients and that of your medical personnel should be your top concern during this pandemic. Although 80% of people infected by COVID-19 recover without special treatment, the risk of spreading it to others is high.

Compared to the usual surgical face masks, kn95 masks have more benefits as discussed herein.

1. More Protection

Surgical face masks do not protect us from airborne transmissions while kn95 masks offer almost 100% protection when used properly. Therefore, you cannot rely on your supply of surgical face masks, because your doctors will require to use kn95 masks when treating the COVID-19 patients. For instance, when doing intubation or suctioning, physicians must be fully protected. Your medical staff cannot perform the treatment procedures while wearing the usual surgical face mask because it puts them in danger of contracting the virus. The surgical face masks are not fitted on the sides. Therefore, a COVID-19 patient would easily spread it to the doctor through coughing or sneezing.

2. Durability

KN95 masks can be used for a longer time as compared to the disposable surgical face masks. Doctors and nurses usually dispose the surgical face masks after a single-use. However, extended use of kn95 masks is common, especially for non-emergency situations. Therefore, buying k95 masks wholesale will not only keep your staff protected but save you from buying thousands of disposable surgical face masks.

3. Peace of Mind for the Medical Personnel

It is not strange for a doctor or nurse to forget to tighten the surgical face mask when responding to an emergency. In a rush to save a patient’s life, a doctor may catch the virus. However, if the doctors are always wearing a kn95 mask, there will be little risk of catching the virus because the kn95 masks are well fitted on the sides. As such, your medical staff will dispense their daily duties without fear and worry.

The COVID-19 virus is not showing any signs of letting up. Already, some U.S. hospitals are reporting shortages of kn95 masks as infections soar. Therefore, you should make sure that your hospital is prepared to handle COVID-19 patients safely. By buying kn95 masks wholesale, you put your health facility in a better position to handle the pandemic.