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PPE That Every Patient-Facing Business Needs to Stock to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

As wave after wave of Covid-19 has scattered across the world, it has become more apparent than ever before that businesses, such as hospitals, require larger stockpiles. It remains a necessity to protect both patients and staff against further spread of Covid-19. The following essential items are necessary to mitigate the spread.

Surgical Face Masks

While cloth masks are worn by many people, they do not provide the same protection that surgical face masks offer. Surgical face masks are disposable, helping to eliminate the spread of germs and viruses. When surgical face masks are worn by employees, there is a decreased risk of spreading Covid-19.

Face Shields

Surgical masks remain critical but do not offer all of the protection that a person needs. Face shields protect employees from airborne viruses to an extent and provide additional protection from droplets. These should always be worn when coming face to face with others to maximize protection.

Protective Gowns

Covid-19 is a virus that can live on surfaces, which includes clothing. When businesses work with critically ill patients, such as in a hospital setting, they are at an increased risk of spreading the virus due to it being on their clothing. Protective gowns, such as those that are used when a patient in a nursing home has a MRSA infection, are ideal.


As Covid-19 cases continued to ramp up during the early days of the pandemic, consumers bought gloves at a record pace. This left patient-facing businesses to deal with a shortage that was not previously seen. Businesses need to ensure that they have a proper supply of PPE to guarantee that they are capable of preventing the spread of Covid-19 through future shortages.


Goggles provide maximum protection for individuals that are required to come in close contact with individuals that have or may have Covid-19. These can also be worn for additional protection when face shields are not available due to shortages.

The average incubation period for Covid-19 is five days, but there are reports of incubation periods of two to 14 days. Because of this, businesses will find that they use a high quantity of PPE, such as surgical face masks and gloves, making stockpiles critical to preventing the spread. Contact us today to learn more.